Understanding foundation damage

Of all the structural damages, foundation damage is the costliest one. A weak concrete, unsettled home base, and a few cracked surfaces can cost you an arm and a leg. While you might procrastinate on other common Sacramento home restorations, delaying a weak foundation is not good. It expands the damage and adds to the expenses.

So, whether you’re a prospective home buyer or the owner, you must fix foundation issues as soon as possible. Note that not all foundation problems are subtle. While you can quickly identify sagging floors or wet crawl space, you might not be able to spot more complex issues. For instance, humidity and a strange smell are also linked to structural problems. However, at this point, only Foundation Repair professionals can identify the problem, its root cause, and the precise methods needed to fix the underlying issue.

Our network of foundation repair professionals aim to help you with current or potential structural damages before they get to you. Our dedicated team of skilled workers takes an instant to spot the foundation issues and offer ideal solutions accordingly. Regardless of your problem’s severity, our team bring to you ease by providing quick but reliable fixes that give a solid foundation to your home for years to come.

About River City Foundation Repair Co

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While many Foundation Repair companies in Sacramento offer relevant services, not all have the reputation of making their projects successful.

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What exactly is Foundation Repair?

Foundation Repair doesn’t sound pleasant to anyone’s ears, especially when you spent a pretty penny decorating your home or recently bought a new one.

This vexing issue arises when the foundation of your house is damaged and needs repairs. It typically happens when an underlying cause leads to building damage or puts concrete under pressure.


Located in Sacramento, California, we are a company that specializes in house lifting, small distance house moving, piles and foundations.

What causes foundation damage?

Foundation damage is not a minor problem. Your entire Sacramento home is at risk with a weak foundation. You spent thousands of dollars to purchase quality materials for your home’s foundation; what exactly can be causing this issue? Here are a few reasons your home foundation is acting up:

Our network of foundation repair professionals aren’t new to plumbing leaks. However, many Sacramento homeowners encounter problems with the mainline. A significant leak can lead to the soil surrounding your home making its way into your foundation. Unluckily, detecting a leak is not a walk in the park.

However, you might spot a structural problem, and only an expert can tell you what’s causing it – a plumbing leak might be the culprit in that case.

If you live in an area with unpredictable weather, your home might be exposed to overwatering. Lots of water in your home base expands the soil, which distresses your foundation leading to cracks.

Ensure you’re mindful of the harsh weather conditions and schedule irrigation to avoid overwatering your home. Perhaps you know the months of the year with too much rain. Make sure you’re cautious during those days.

You’ll soon suffer structural damage if your home has an improper drainage system. Unfortunately, many homes do not have a proper drainage system. For instance, homes often lack gutters. Also, a few residential buildings have downspouts pointing in the wrong direction – perhaps a home’s constructor is to blame.

However, regardless of the underlying issue, water moving towards an improper site or staying in the soil surrounding your Sacramento home can make your foundation unstable.

Another unpopular reason behind structural damage is dry soil. The soil below your foundation shrinks during sweltering summers. As a result, it moves away from your home base, making the foundation unstable.

This leads to cracks in floors, walls, and ceilings. On top of that, you face trouble opening windows and doors.

Everyone pays to build their ideal home and expects constructors to follow the proper construction codes, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. A few houses do not turn out the way homeowners want.

Several issues can weaken your foundation, from improper concrete to a lack of steel. Only a reputable Foundation Repair company in Sacramento, California company can help you at this point.

Identifying foundation related issues​

Now that you know the reasons that might result in a damaged foundation, it is imperative to learn ways to spot the issue. Here’s how you can identify structural problems related to your Sacramento home foundation:

  • Uneven Floors: Asymmetrical and sagging floors are one of the most prominent signs of foundation-related problems. Soil shifting or humidity due to standing water can cause flooding problems.
  • Basement Insects: Did you notice bugs in your basement recently? If yes, it’s a warning sign, and you need quick repairs. Typically, pill bugs, roaches, ants, centipedes, and earwigs are attracted to moist and humid basements.
  • Crooked Windows and Doors: If your home windows and doors aren’t closing smoothly like they used to, you may have a moisture problem in your crawl space or basement.
  • Basement Moisture: Is your crawl space or basement wet? You might spot a damp basement floor that indicates a structural issue. However, that alone isn’t a prominent sign. Often, a musty smell in the basement also signifies hidden moisture.
  • Water Underneath Your Home: If you live in an area with frequent rain spells, ensure you have a proper drainage system. Rainwater must move away from your home immediately. Otherwise, water will collect under your building, leading to foundation damage.